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30th June 2010

Hope you’ve been enjoying the interviews…. more stuff up in 2 days… don’t forget to check it out!

22nd June 2010

No updates… but I will be putting up interviews…later. Enjoy!

20th June 2010

No game updates today… but dont forget to check out fan pics and an awesome music video.

18th June 2010

hey, hope you are all enjoying the games. No updates on ENG v ALG

15th June 2010

  • Hello, its pouring outside and for now I’m definitely enjoying the rain but it better stop once the games starts or else I’m going to have a tough time watching the games. Today evening I will be putting up the first interview so make sure you catch it.
  • Sorry, no updates for this game. (BRA v PRK). Don’t forget to check out the interview later.

12th June 2010

Sorry folks, no updates for the England v USA match. You may get some reactions later though.

Enjoy the game.

10th June 2010

Good Morning everybody. Can’t contain the excitement so you decided to run all over the neighborhood proclaiming “1 DAY TO GO”? Now because of the lovely updates I got, I will be delaying my new post. So when I do put it up (which should be by evening) I will spread the word via facebook, twitter and myspace. In case you are ‘not a friend’ then make sure you send in a request.

9th June 2010

  • 2 days to go….. Yes I am very exited. Too exited to even concentrate on my work…. so that means the new post will be delayed. But I’m trying to complete it by today… lets see if it works out.
  • Done for the day and now I’m off to bed. Tomorrow morning I will be putting up The South African Journey of Football. Yes, I did tweak the title cause this one made more sense. Good Night!

8th June 2010

  • While I write to you, there are 2 days 16 hours  12 minutes left for the Greatest Show on the planet to begin. Going back to work on my post now. In the meantime enjoy the anticipation (not for my post… for the World Cup). 🙂
  • Today has been kind of a slow day. Still working on my next post which by the way is pretty informative. I’ve been playing farmville for a couple of days now and I’m not as addicted as I thought I would be…. Still don’t get all the hype made about it.
  • I’m exhausted! Check out the blog tomorrow for some interesting trivia. Goodnight everyone…zzzzz

7th June 2010

hey everyone, today was a really busy day and I did not get much time to update you guys. But I hope you have read the post and I hope you’ve liked it. I’d love to hear what you have to say so do write in.

Next up- South Africa and The World Cup

5th June 2010

  • Hola everybody. New post out. It’s all about EMOTION.
  • Done for the day. Robben injured. Cesar injured. Check out my twitter page for that list (via goal.com)

4th June 2010

  • Thanks to problematic Internet connections I was not able to upload my video. You can watch it today though.
  • The video is uploaded… finally. Now for a break and then back to work. Making a video is not as easy as it seems to be.

3rd June 2010

Good Morning everyone. Another busy day today. Still working on that video. Lot happening at Liverpool FC. First Benitez out and now Gerrard. Next Torres?

2nd June 2010

Still busy with that video…. It’s going to take some time but i will definitely give it my best shot. No much luck with the supporter interviews…. but trying hard to make it work. 33o C… Its boiling.  See you tomorrow.


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