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Chile v Switzerland

1st Half Analysis

Chile so far is impressive and so is Benaglio. I think Behrami’s red card was too harsh. You may not agree with me but I have seen players do this sort of thing all the time and at the most they are shown a yellow card but never a direct red. With Switzerland down to 10 men and Chile pushing forward what do you think the fulltime score line is going to show? At half time it stands at 0-0. (more…)


David Abel’s Switzerland

Round I of the competition ended with a shock defeat…..I mean shock victory for Switzerland. Their defending was outstanding, their goal keeper was brilliant and they got that goal which got them 3 points. David Abel, a huge supporter of the Swiss National Football Team tells us what he thought about the game.

I am absolutely thrilled! My voice is still sore from yelling…..haha. The Swiss did a fantastic job playing defense the entire game and admittedly got a lucky break on a counter and managed to find the back of the net. Even without team captain Alexander Frei we managed to find a worthy goal scorer in Gelson Fernandes. And we can’t talk about the Swiss win without mentioning goal keeper Diego Benaglio for an absolutely outstanding performance in goal. Even if we didn’t score, he could have given us a valuable point with the shutout. I mean honestly, I thought we were going to lose today, everyone did, but even though I thought we were going to lose I was still rooting for my team the whole time. Even after we scored I went into the mindset that even if we were able to draw with Spain that would be a shock, but to win it, to win it was truly unbelievable. According to Yahoo! Sports, Spain had a 97% chance of winning, a 2% chance to draw, and the slimmest 1% chance of losing. All I have to say to all those who doubted the Swiss and thought that we never stood a chance is: DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?!?!”

I certainly do believe in miracles. What about you? That was a splendid win, it truly was. David has been kind enough to give us his opinion on Switzerland and the World Cup. Here’s what he thinks:

On how far Switzerland can make it in the competition I think Switzerland has a chance at making it out of group play in the 2nd spot with Spain taking the 1st. However, if this is the case we will play the winners of group G which will most likely be Brazil, so I think that’s where the Swiss run will end.

On which team/player will excel in the competition I think Brazil, even without Ronaldinho, will make it pretty far if not to the final. Look for Robinho and (Luis) Fabiano to be the play finishers for Brazil. The other team I expect to do well is Italy. As defending champs they have everything to lose so I expect to see a great effort to repeat. They did it once back in the 30s so maybe we could see it again.

On Switzerland’s Main Man: Alexander Frei will be the player to watch out for. Team captain and football veteran, he knows how to get by the defenders and find the back of the net. (unfortunately, we have not seen much of Frei due to an ankle injury he picked up in training)

On the Second Favorites USA is the team that I’ll be rooting for when Switzerland fall out, unfortunately. Being an American myself, I have great pride in US football team. The US has in recent years proven themselves a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. I see them making it out of Group play, but it is going to prove to be a difficult run if they have any hope of making it to later rounds.


World Cup 2006: The first World Cup that I saw was the 2006 Cup in Germany. I remember seeing the amount of enthusiasm from the fans. I had never seen that kind of team support in my life and it made me realize that I wanted to be a part of that.

On a Personal Note

The football addict: I try to watch football at absolutely any chance I can get. I even took control of my roommate’s TV at college so I could watch the MLS Cup.

As far as the World Cup is concerned: I have waited for the FIFA World Cup 2010- South Africa since the end of stoppage time at the 2006 World Cup. I plan to watch as many games as I possibly can, and I will not miss a single Switzerland game!

Superstitious? I’m not an overly superstitious person when it comes to sporting events. I just support my team as much as possible. If they win, they earned it, if they lose, then in most cases they probably could’ve done better.

Celebration time! Usually when my team scores there’s just a lot of yelling and jumping around….haha. (that explains why your voice is still sore) 😉

The Atmosphere: Well unfortunately, I’m really the only one in my household that enjoys watching football on TV. When I’m with my friends though, we really get into the game: yelling at the TV, picking apart the plays, and becoming analysts and referees ourselves.(can I join you guys!) ❓

Role of Football

In Africa: By having the World Cup in South Africa, it puts focus on the entire continent in a uniquely positive way where there is so much negativity in recent years.

In your life: The World Cup is like a third Olympics to me. I absolutely love being able to see different nations from all over the world come together in the spirit of the game. Except, it seems like the fans get into the World Cup even more than the Olympics….. (that is soooooooo true)

* The interview has been taken prior to the World Cup and
hence may not reflect the current happenings in the tournament.