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The Other Side

Have you noticed how there is hardly a football game these days that is played in a fair manner? How everyone loves the team when they are winning but criticizes them for the smallest faults they commit?

Paraguay v Spain

Spain were not that great against Paraguay. For a team with world class players their performance was pretty low. The score line should have read anything but 1-0 to Spain.

To begin with, Nelson Valdez’s 41st minute goal should have been allowed to stand but he was said to be offside. This nonsense of disallowing goals just because they ‘seem’ to be offside has been happening one too many times. We can’t keep blaming referees all the time so I guess goal line technology must be introduced. Then it was the penalty. The referee should have either let Xabi Alonso’s goal stay or he should have made Cardozo take the penalty again because on both occasions when the penalties were first taken there was more than one Spanish player in the box.

That is why I say that the scoreline should have been anything but 1-0 to Spain had the game been refereed well.

Netherlands v Brazil

Robben took full advantage of the situation and the referee was too blind to see it. It is more than likely that the Brazilian left flank began to get frustrated mainly because Robben seemed to be going down with every touch and the referee seemed to believe that the Brazilian left-back was constantly fouling Robben which was not really true. Felipe Melo being a hot-headed individual lost his cool and was thus red carded. Wouldn’t you react the same way if you were in his place?

Yes, the players did not have a great game but how can you forget the times they did play well and the times they did win?

Uruguay v Ghana

Do you really think Suarez ‘stole’ the game? On any other given day it would not have been such a huge issue. Do you remember the group stages when Ghana played Australia. Kewell was red-carded for a deliberate hand ball and Gyan took the penalty, only this time he converted it into a goal. Had the same thing happened against Uruguay nobody would have made such a huge issue about the incident. Suarez did what any other player would have done and hence it is wrong to accuse him of ‘stealing the game’. The grapes were sour for Ghana and hence they made a big issue out of it for nothing.

However, they must be credited for the splendid performance that they put up.

It is NOT Rooney’s fault!

Don’t blame the lad just cause he could not score a goal. Football is a team sport, not a one man show. You need (in most cases) 11 players to win a game. If you have good forwards but bad defence you are bound to lose at some point (Argentina v Germany) and if you you can only defend then, at the most you could take the game into penalties but then you are most likely to lose due to lack of good strikers.

England did not play well on the whole and picking on one player and his club manager is the stupidest thing to do.


Germany v Serbia

Story of the game: Blame the Referee. 9 yellow cards. 9. Completely and totally unnecessary. Only 2 or 3 of all of those cards were warranted. I hate to see a game like that because the players get so cautious it takes away from the actual game.


1st Half Analysis

The Germans started off well and so did the Serbs. The former playing offensive while the latter playing defensive football. I’d give credit to Serbia because with 28’ gone the Germans still did not have a shot on target. The refereeing is worth a mention. I thought it to be too harsh: 6 yellow cards and 1 red card?

With Germany down to 10 men, the White Eagles took advantage of the situation and (more…)

France v Mexico

1st Half Analysis

It has been a goalless first half. France haven’t had any real chances. The best shot so far has come from Salcido. Mexico are doing fine but are not very good in front of goal. Let’s see what the second half brings us.

For those of you who care, Arsene Wenger is at the stadium. He is supposed to be working (more…)

Argentina v Korea Republic

1st Half Analysis

Argentina have been simply superb today. They have played so well that it’s hard to believe that they struggled during qualification. They have scored 2 goals, one of them being gifted to them by Chuyoung. The Korean Republic goalkeeper has definitely played his part. A save worth mentioning would be when Higuain struck the ball on target but it was punched out by the goal keeper only to land in front of Di Maria whose shot was on target but once more it was saved by the keeper. Korea however are yet not out of the game thanks to Chungyong’s 45’+1 goal. Score so far: Argentina 2-1 Korea Republic.


An Invitation From The Past

South Africa v Uruguay

1st Half Analysis

Not a good start from South Africa. Even with a goal down they seem to be playing a very defensive game. Dikgacoi will miss the next game as this is his second yellow card in the tournament. Uruguay on the other hand have been pretty remarkable this game. They are much better then what they were last round. The highlight of the game so far is Forlan’s goal. His strike from 30 yards was deflected by Mokoena and smoothly curved into the net. 1-0 to Uruguay. (more…)

Honduras v Chile

1st Half Analysis

It has been an entertaining first half with Chile taking the lead in the 34th minute. Except for an opportunity or two, the Hondurans were left to defend. Irrespective of how far they reach in the tournament the Hondurans will go down in FIFA World Cup history for being the first team to have three brothers on the squad together. The three brothers are Wilson Palacios (Tottenham Hotspur), Jhony Palacios (Olimpia Tegucigalpa) and Jerry Palacios (Hangzhou Greentown). (more…)