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Spain v Honduras

1st Half Analysis

OK….. So Spain have had the better of the first half but have got just 1 goal to show for it which in my opinion is NOT enough. The Hondurans may not have the best squad but that does not mean they can’t score a goal. If Spain are going to make it to the next round they will have to try harder…. Probably make a few substitutions, get Fabregas on? So far, Spain leads 1-0 (more…)


Chile v Switzerland

1st Half Analysis

Chile so far is impressive and so is Benaglio. I think Behrami’s red card was too harsh. You may not agree with me but I have seen players do this sort of thing all the time and at the most they are shown a yellow card but never a direct red. With Switzerland down to 10 men and Chile pushing forward what do you think the fulltime score line is going to show? At half time it stands at 0-0. (more…)

Portugal v North Korea

1st Half Analysis

Nothing much to report except that Portugal have the lead. Some of the Portuguese players, however, need to pick up their game. I personally feel that North Korea’s defence is not the same as it were against Brasil. However, that maybe because they have already conceded a goal and if they are to get something from this game they need to go up front. At Half time Portugal lead 1-0. (more…)

Cameroon v Denmark

1st Half Analysis

SOS to Danish/Cameroon defense!!! The last 15 minutes have been crazy. Sloppy defending from both sides but interestingly neither have been lucky enough to score a goal. Cameroon started off well but made quite a few defensive mistakes. With the score line at 1-1 there is plenty of action yet to come. (more…)

Ghana v Australia

1st Half Analysis

What a first half it has been… Klumsy Kingston gave Australia the lead at 11’. The Socceroos thought they had something cooking up here… with a win they would be right back into the competition….. but, that did not happen. Kewell was sent off for handling the ball in the penalty area and a spot kick was awarded. Gyan converted it into to a goal which brought the Black Stars right back into the game.

If Australia have to get anything out of this they need to defend well enough so that they do not concede anymore goals. Ghana proving to be the better side in the first half do stand a chance to take away all 3 points from this fixture. With the scores leveled at 1-1 the second half promises to be interesting. (more…)

Netherlands v Japan

1st Half Analysis

Ball possession % means nothing anymore. In case you are interested, possession % is 69% to the Netherlands and 31% to Japan. Not many chances have been created on either side and so far both teams are playing remarkably well and neither seems to be cracking under pressure. Score line is 0-0. (more…)

Slovenia v USA

1st Half Analysis

Wow…. Slovenia have put up a stunning performance. This is the first meeting ever and they have stunned the Americans. Both goals were impressive and their finishing was superb. All that Slovenia need to do is hang in there and try to get another goal. If the score goes to 3-0 Slovenia, the Americans are then most likely to be out of the competition. (unless something crazy happens)