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Portugal v North Korea

1st Half Analysis

Nothing much to report except that Portugal have the lead. Some of the Portuguese players, however, need to pick up their game. I personally feel that North Korea’s defence is not the same as it were against Brasil. However, that maybe because they have already conceded a goal and if they are to get something from this game they need to go up front. At Half time Portugal lead 1-0.

2nd Half Analysis

Brilliant performance from Portugal! Simply outstanding! They had a smooth game and their finishes were brilliant. If you haven’t got a chance to watch the match, you should really catch the repeat or at least the highlights. Fabio Contrao, the young left-back had a good game too. (people tend to forget him with all the big names around). Full time 7-0 Portugal. Man of the Match-Ronaldo!

GOL!!!!!! 29′ R.Meireles (POR)

GOL!!!!!! 53′ Simao (POR)

GOL!!!!!! 56′ H.Almeida (POR)

GOL!!!!!! 60′ Tiago (POR)

GOL!!!!! 81′ Liedson (POR)

GOL!!!!!! 87′ Ronaldo (POR)

GOL!!!!!! 89′ Tiago (POR)

yellow cards

32′ P.Chol Jin (PRK)

38′ P.Mendes (POR)

46′ H.Yong Jo (PRK)

70′ H.Almeida (POR)


58′ K. Kum Il (in) P.Nam Chol (out)  [PRK]

58′ K.Yong Jun (in) M. In Guk (out) [PRK]

70′ M.Veloso (in) R.Meireles (out) [POR]

74′ Duda (in) Simao (out) [POR]

75′ N. Song Chol (in) C.Jong Hyok (out) [PRK]

77′ Liedson (in) H.Almeida (out) [POR]

line up

Portugal: Eduardo, B.Alves,, R.Carvalho, Ronaldo (C), P.Mendes, Simao, Miguel, R.Meireles, H. Almeida, Tiago, F.Coentrao.

subs: Rolando, Duda,  Beto, M.Veloso, Pepe, R.Amorim, R.Costa, D.Fernandes,  P.Ferreira, Liedson, Danny, Deco.

North Korea: R.Myong Guk, C.Jong Hyok, Jun Il, P.Nam Chol, R.Kwang Chon, J.Yun Nam, J.Tae Se, H.Yong Jo, M.In Guk, P.Chol Jin, A. Yong Hak.

subs: K.Kum Il, A.Chol Hyok, C.Kum Chol, Nam Chol, K.Yong Jun, N.Song Chol, K. Myong Gil, R.Chol Myong, K. Myong Won, R.Kwang Hyok, K.Kyong Il, P.Sung Hyok.

Ref: Pablo Pozo (CHI)

Stadium: Green Point Stadium, Cape Town


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