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Slovenia v USA

1st Half Analysis

Wow…. Slovenia have put up a stunning performance. This is the first meeting ever and they have stunned the Americans. Both goals were impressive and their finishing was superb. All that Slovenia need to do is hang in there and try to get another goal. If the score goes to 3-0 Slovenia, the Americans are then most likely to be out of the competition. (unless something crazy happens)

2nd Half Analysis

Something crazy did happen, USA put up a fight and managed a draw. Good effort from the lads there. However, they just have 2 points and a game left. Slovenia still have the upper hand. Donovan, the man of the match scored a fantastic goal. That’s about it. Next up: England v Algeria.

GOL!!!!!!! 13′ Birsa (SVN)

GOL!!!!!! 42′  Ljubijankic (SVN)

GOL!!!!!!!! 48′ Donovan (USA)

GOL!!!!!!!!! 82′ Bradley (USA)

yellow cards

35′ Cesar (SVN)

40′ Findley (USA)

69′ Suler (SVN)

72′ Kirm (SVN)

75′ Jokic (SVN)


46′ Edu (in) Torres (out) [USA]

46′ Feilhaber (in) Findley (out) [USA]

74′ Pecnik (in) Ljubijankic (out) [SVN]

80′ Gomez (in) Onyewu (out) [USA]

87′ Dedic (in) Birsa (out) [SVN]

90’+4 Komac (in) Pecnik (out) [SVN]

line up

Slovenia: Handanovic .S, Brecko, Suler, Cesar, Koren (C), Ljubijankic, Birsa, Novakovic, Jokic, Kirm, Radosavljevic.

subs: Dzinic, Ilic, Pecnik, Handanovic.J, Dedic, Krhin, Seliga, Filekovic, Komac, Stevanovic, Mavric, Matavz.

USA: Howard, Bocanegra, Bradley, Onyewu, Cherundolo, Dempsey, Donovan, Demerit, Torres, Altidore, Findley.

subs: Spector, Beasley, Gomez, Holden, Bornstein, Clark, Buddle, Guzan, Edu, Goodson, Feilhaber, Hahnemann.

Ref: Koman Coulibaly (MLI)

Stadium: Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg


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