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Honduras v Chile

1st Half Analysis

It has been an entertaining first half with Chile taking the lead in the 34th minute. Except for an opportunity or two, the Hondurans were left to defend. Irrespective of how far they reach in the tournament the Hondurans will go down in FIFA World Cup history for being the first team to have three brothers on the squad together. The three brothers are Wilson Palacios (Tottenham Hotspur), Jhony Palacios (Olimpia Tegucigalpa) and Jerry Palacios (Hangzhou Greentown).

2nd Half Analysis

The score remains 1-0 to Chile. Although it wasn’t a very exiting second half the Honduran goalkeeper is worth a mention. He made some pretty crucial saves, one of them being Vidal’s header. From Chile I think Sanchez, Vidal and Isla played some really good football. Well, that’s about it. Next up: Spain v Switzerland.

Honduras have been fair but Chile have had the flair.

GOL!!!!!!! 34′ Beausejour

yellow cards

4′ Carmona (CHI)

19′ Fernandez (CHI)

33′ W.Palacios (HON)


52′ Jara (in) Millar (out) [CHI]

60′ Welcome (in) Pavon (out) [HON]

64′ Thomas (in) Guevarra (out) [HON]

78′ Martinez (in) Nunez (out) [HON]

81′ Contreras (in) Vidal (out) [CHI]

87′ Gonzalez (in) Valdivia (out) [CHI]

line up

Honduras: Valladares, Chavez, Figueroa, Nunez, W.Palacios, Pavon, Espinoza, Alvarez, Guevarra (C), Izaguirre, Mendoza.

subs: Canales, J.Palacios, Bernardez, Thomas, Suazo, Welcome, Garcia, Martinez, Sabillon, Turcios, Escober, Palacios.

Chile: Bravo (C), Ponce, Isla, Carmona, Sanchez, Vidal, Valdivia, Fernandez, Beausejour, Medel, Millar.

subs: Fuentes, Contreras, Suazo, M.Gonzalez, Pinto, Estrada, Orellana, Jara, Fierro, Tello, Paredes, Marin.

Ref: Eddy Maillet (SEY)

Stadium: Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit


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