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New Zealand v Slovakia

1st Half Analysis

It has been an interesting first half. New Zealand have been impressive and goal keeper Paston has made the game pretty appealing so far. Yup, he is the keeper who saved a penalty against Bahrain and thus ensured them a World Cup qualification spot for only the second time in history. But today, according to the commentator, Paston has put up “a rather eccentric performance”. If Slovakia is going to win this one, they will have to try harder.

2nd Half Analysis

What a DRAMATIC end to the game. Simply amazing! I had to erase everything I had typed. Slovakia did have a good game until that very last minute but that’s the beauty of football. In Gavin Harris’ (Goal II) words, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”. Well, that’s football as we know it. You can’t afford to rely on just 1 goal to win a game in a tournament as big as the World Cup. You got to be really lucky and clearly, Slovakia wasn’t.

This was Slovakia first game in the FIFA World Cup as an independent nation and how they wished they could win it but New Zealand’s Reid denied them of the glory with his 90’ + 3 header. Group F ends with draws. Next up: Ivory Coast v Portugal.

GOL!!!!!!!! 50′ Vittek (SVK)

GOL!!!!!! 90’+3 Reid (NZL)

yellow cards

42′ Lochhead (NZL)

55′ Strba (SVK)

90′ +3 Reid (NZL)


72′  Wood (in) Killen (out) [NZL]

78′ Christie (in) Vicelich (out) [NZL]

81′ Holosko (in)  Sestak (out) [SVK]

84′ Stoch (in) Vittek (out) [SKV]

90′ +1 Kucka (in) Weiss (out) [SKV]

line up

New Zealand: Paston, Lochhead, Reid, Vicelich, Nelsen (C), Elliott, Smeltz, Killen, Bertos, Fallon, Smith.

subs: Sigmund, Brown, Barron, Mc Glinchey, Clapham, Mulligan, Boyens, Wood, Christie, Brockie, Bannatyne, Moss.

Slovakia: Mucha, Skrtel, Cech, Zabavnik, Strba, Weiss, Sestak, Vittek, Durica, Hamsik (C), Jendrisek.

subs: Pekarik, Kozak, Sapara, Pernis, Holosko, Jakubko, Stoch, Kucka, Kopunek, Salata, Petras, Kuciak.

Ref: Jerome Damon (RSA)

Stadium: Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg


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