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Stars On 2010

I have always had a thing for football music and a couple of days before kickoff I happened to be browsing through the lists. What I came across was this amazing song ‘Stars On 2010’. The song was part of a World Cup Song competition and according to me it should have won.

I later managed to get in touch with the writer and composer Craig Furlong who I assumed was also the singer, but I was wrong. He’s an amazing person who very willingly agreed to do the interview (you got to keep in mind that I ain’t no top journo or presenter). Here’s what he had to say….

  • You have written and composed the song ‘Stars on 2010’. What inspired you to write this song?

As the World Cup got closer I tried to think of some way to do something different and at the same time profit from the idea. I’ve always been a bit of a poet and used to a get big applause from family and friends as I used to write meaningful poems to each one on their birthday. One day while trying to come up with another idea it suddenly dawned on me……..could I possibly put a song together for the World Cup??  I’m passionate about football, passionate about music and not a bad poet! That’s when the “idea” was born and I got to work.

  • Is this the first song you have done and do you intend to continue in the music industry?

Yes this is my first work and I do intend to persevere with it and see how far I can go.

  • You said composing music is one of your hidden talents. Would you like to share with us some of your other talents?

I’m not a bad footballer I guess and have won a couple of trophies but that’s where it ends.

  • What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

I love the classics. I remember DJ ing at parties my mom used to throw at the age of 13 (my age, not my mom’s) and guy’s like Neil Diamond and Engelbert Humpberdinck have stuck with me. Being a big ‘jauler’ in the 80’s I absolutely love the music from that era. In fact my next song is going to be a REMIX of a Neil Diamond Classic.

  • Do you think music and football share a special bond?

Absolutely! There have been so many songs written about football. Look at the English, each club has an official song which is played at home games. It is that song that inspires the team to go on and win. What would LIVERPOOL be without ‘YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE’

  • Being South African, how does it feel to have the world cup at home?

At the time of the announcement I felt very excited for our country but unfortunately not for our National team. I didn’t think they stood a chance. It’s also been such a long wait but the ‘GEES’ is here now so bring it on!!!!

  • How far can South Africa reach this world cup and who do you think are the favorites to win this time?

There is no reason why they should not reach the 2nd Round but I’m afraid that will be as far as they go. We just don’t have the ‘goods’. I’m backing SPAIN to win it.

  • Do you have any special plans this World Cup?

Not really. Just to sit back and enjoy it. I’ll also be busy marketing my song to various Fan Parks so I’ll be pretty busy.

  • If you had to pick a player/team, who according to you will stand out in this tournament?

Player: Lionel Messi

Team: Spain

  • In what way do you think South Africa has changed because of the World Cup?

Tough one hey? I guess we are more united. My hope is that this bond stay’s after the World Cup (is over).

  • At the end of the tournament what is it that you are most likely to remember?

The kind of impact my ‘song’ has had and how many copies I managed to sell!! Bit self centered hey! 🙂

The next time you here this song, don’t forget to remember the man behind the music

Craig Furlong


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  1. Scharia Munnik said:

    I’ve also heard this song, its FABULOUS! Yes, I agree, it should have won.

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