A Different View of the World' s Greatest Sport!

It was announced last week or so that yesterday, 9th June at 12 noon everyone in support of the country should go outside and blow their vuvuzelas.

And those in support did not fail to deliver. Cars were hooting, vuvuzelas blowing (it gave me goose bumps, brrrrrrrr)

Amazing to see so much support given for the national team, the flood of people dressed in yellow and green puts a tear in the corner of my eye out of proudness.

I can truly say that the whole of South Africa has whipped itself into a World Cup Frenzy! And it’s alive beyond expectation.

The news here in our office is that we will have a shortened day on Friday and have a big screen up in the boardroom for the viewing of the opening ceremony and the South African game, drink and food will be supplied, nice of them, don’t you think? 😀

Our city has gotten a facelift too with a big wheel close to the stadium, streets are being decorated and  it’s a beautiful site. It’s plain to see that the world cup is one of the most feverously addictive experiences.

I am grateful that I will be part of one of the most amazing experiences in this lifetime of mine. And with less than 1 day to go it will only get better.

Peace out for now!                                                                                                                        Ageez


Comments on: "Update From South Africa" (1)

  1. Thanks Ageez
    it is pretty nice of them 🙂
    Enjoy your opening game!

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