A Different View of the World' s Greatest Sport!

Are you aware of the two symbols of South African football?

It is the Vuvuzela and the Makarapa.

Makarapa and the vuvuzela

The Vuvuzela is  a trumpet shaped horn which is blown by fans at soccer matches and produces a loud braying noise. The original meaning of the name vuvuzela is in dispute as some people attribute the name to a Zulu word; vuvu which means making noise. Other people attribute the name vuvuzela to a township slang meaning ‘shower’.
A vuvuzela is approximately one meter in length. Originally a vuvuzela was made from a horn and later made of tin but today many companies make it from plastic.

Not everyone finds the vuvuzela annoying and if you know to blow it correctly you CAN make music which is pleasing to the ear.

The  Makarapa or Makaraba [derived from Makarapa, meaning migrant worker and associated with the ‘helmets’ because they worked in the mines | singular: Lekarapa] is a hand cut and hand painted hard hat. It belongs to the typical South African fan’s supporters wear. It is generally accepted that Alfred “Lux” Baloyi is the originator of the Makarapa as we know it today.

Alfred "Lux" Baloyi (Image: Bongani Nkosi)

Check out these two videos, they tell you all about the Makarapa and the Vuvuzela….it’s pretty interesting.


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