A Different View of the World' s Greatest Sport!

I belong to the clan of people who switch between channels during breaks or runs to grab something to eat. But every once in a while, broadcasters air an ad related to football and every time they do that my TV volume goes up 10 bars and I quieten every single person in the room. After watching the ad I keep talking either about how awesome the players are or how great the game of football really is. Do you?

I try to watch every ad that is created in relation to football. I watch these ads on TV, on Youtube and on any site I happen to find them on. After a lot of ‘football -ad-watching’ I have come to a conclusion that there are at least 3 categories of football advertisements. Many a time these categories are clubbed with the others in order to have to have a sensational advert.

According to me the first category of advertisements are the ones which convey a message of some kind- a global message. Here are a few examples. You may have watched them before but if you really love football I’m pretty sure you would not mind watching them again.

Then there is the other kind of advertisements which pumps you up with enthusiasm and you are so excited that you just cannot wait for the next game to start. We’ve all had these feelings, haven’t we? These are a couple of the ads that I found, if you know of anymore… let us know.

Now the last category of advertisements is all about entertainment. Either you have the players advertising for something or it’s something funny that is linked to football that any supporter if given a chance would happily do.

Like I said before, when you have all the categories clubbed together you get some of the most amazing ads that keep you hooked on for days. These ads have your favorite players who provide great entertainment and also sometimes, send out a very important message.

We need these ads as they happen to have greater impact on minds, both young and old, than any other form of education.

I could add many more ads to this collection but I wanted to put the best. If you think I have left out something important I would be more than happy to add it. Hope you enjoyed reading and watching  this!


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