A Different View of the World' s Greatest Sport!

Emotion!!!!! I assure you that there is no greater emotion for a football junkie than watching a football game. Even if planets collide and the moon has to fall to the ground, this football junkie is going to continue to watch that El Clásico.

And if Arsenal is going to make it to the Champions League final, which is going to be on the same day as our other football junkie’s wedding, it would be a good idea to confirm because instinct tells me he’s going to be too busy to attend his own wedding. For all you may know, that wedding might never take place, but then again, he does not care all that much about it…. I mean, what ever in the world could be more important than being there to watch your club lift its first ever Champions League trophy- Its history in the making!

Not even the exams matter to those girls out there. They would rather sit up till 4 in the morning watching Manchester United destroy AC Milan and have the pleasure of seeing Real Madrid kicked out of the league than study for that all important exam.

They are three incredible examples which put across, so vividly the influence of football in our lives. Many people out there may find this behavior extreme, foolish and unwise. But then again, what do they know about ‘the beautiful game’?

As Bill Shankly rightly put it, “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.” And indeed we all do agree with him, don’t we?

Football is not just about skill and tactics, they are definitely important but it doesn’t stop there. What is equally important is passion-I’m not just talking about the players here, I’m talking about the supporters too. It is the passion in that little boy, whose only dream is to become like his idol, Messi. Or that young lady in the stands, who is peeping through her hands which have covered her eyes while her team takes that penalty kick which could very well be the decider. Or that old couple sitting at home, watching the game, praying that their country makes it to the finals.

And it is this passion that flows into the game. The club or country colours that are so devoutly worn, the flags waving across, the scarves held high up into the air, the chants and cheers which are uttered by every single fan. It is the nervousness and the anxiousness, the enthusiasm and the exhilaration before every game and the tears of joy and sadness that fall after it is all over.

Check out the stadium actually shaking at the end of the video

It is that thrill of excitement that flows through you like an electric current and that deep breath you take in when the ball falls into that 18 yard box. It is the joy of seeing your favorite footie score a goal or defend the post that captivates and transports you into a completely different world.

Win or lose, at the end of those 90 minutes you truly feel part of that club or country you are so closely connected with. You share the same satisfaction or frustration and definitely the exhaustion.

Football is not just about 22 players trying to get the ball at the back of their respective nets but it is also about all those supporters who bring the game to life. It is about the strong emotional ties that people share with this game and most importantly it is the memories that we keep with us for life.


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